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Digital Learning Webinar Series Archive

Posted on: 26 Oct 2017

This is the archive of the Digital Learning Webinar Series.
The series provides information on a range of digital learning topics for Ulster staff, in response to student expectations and educational priorities. The archive includes links to webinar recordings and presentations.

Qwickly attendance monitoring (Apr 18)

Blackboard Predict, May 18

Interactive learning, Apr 18

Interactive learning technologies, Dec 17

Apps to support learning, Dec 17

Curriculum Management System (CMS), Nov 17
Further information (video recording)

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Nov 17

Student digital experience at Ulster, Nov 17

Turnitin Feedback Studio, Nov 17

Digital learning video content (Apr 16)

Possible uses of video learning content in higher education and how to achieve this at Ulster.

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Digital formative assessment (Apr 16)

Using Ulster’s DLE for formative assessment to enhance educational practice.

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Blackboard Collaborate - web conferencing tool (Dec 15)

This webinar introduces Blackboard Collaborate, a web conferencing tool tailored for education.

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Flipping the classroom - the role of digital technology (Nov 15)

This webinar investigates how the VLE could be used to flip the classroom, in the context of the digital learning landscape.

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Using Blackboard for reflective practice (Nov 15)

This webinar focuses on the use of the Blackboard Journal tool to encourage reflective practice.

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Engaging your students online (Oct 15)

This webinar explores how Ulster’s VLE could be used to engage your students and what tools are available to monitor this engagement.

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Apps in higher education (Oct 15)

This webinar looks at how apps could be used to enhance higher educational practice, focusing on Nearpod and Aurasma.

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Enhanced digital assessment opportunities (Oct 15)

This webinar showcases the digital assessment enhancements available following the 2015 Blackboard upgrade, including the Grader App and Delegated Grading.

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Blackboard new features (Sept 15)

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Students of the future – apps in education (May 15)


Flipping the classroom - designing blended learning spaces (Apr 15)

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Blackboard Tests & Surveys - application and management (Apr 15)


Peer review (Mar 15)

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e -Feedback (Mar 15)

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