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Changes to inline grading in the Blackboard Assignment tool

Posted on: 11 Dec 2017

Downtime 28th December 11om - 29th December 7am

Please note these changes are not related to Turnitin assignments.

Blackboard’s current service for inline grading uses a service called Crocodoc. In 2013 Crocodoc was acquired by Box who maintained the service for a number of years. As of January 15th, 2018 the services will be merged in to a single solution called Box View.

in November 2017, Blackboard released an update which manages the migration to Box for Ulster’s version of Blackboard. As the end of life date for Crocodoc coincides with the examination period we will be upgrading Blackboard in advance of the cut off date. Typically, we schedule essential maintenance overnight at weekends, but as this update affects all Blackboard clients we have been unable to select our preferred slot. We have negotiated a slot on December 28th 2017 at 11.00pm to complete the work. The upgrade window is scheduled until 7am on December 29th December, 2017. Historical analysis of traffic has identified this period in the lowest 2% of use and we hope that impact will be minimised.

Further information about the transition to Box view is available at

The method of uploading assignments will not change and there will be a small change to inline grading workflows. The drawing tool is no longer available. You can view a screencast outlining the changes below