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Small Group Support for GCSE Students Support for small groups of GCSE students who struggle with organisational skills.

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Holy Trinity College
BT80 8QB


Claire Magee

Student Skills

Student tutors could come from a range of subject areas, however they would need to be organised and disciplined individuals. Student tutors would need to have good interpersonal and communication skills.

Expected Pupil Outcomes

Students will: meet coursework submission dates; produce higher quality clearly structured coursework; plan for exam preparation; draw up revision programme that they can work to; develop revision techniques; collate resources to support revision programme - notes/ past papers etc; identify resources to support revision - websites/ books etc.

Expected Student Tutor Outcomes

Student Tutor will develop motivational techniques, coaching/ mentoring skills, interpersonal and communication skills. They would be able to gain an insight into school life, and perhaps experience that would enable them to make an informed decision about progressing to a PGCE qualification. In addition, they might well have a sense of achievement in knowing they have helped a young person become more organised, disciplined, and in turn progress further academically.

About tutoring in schools

Tutoring in Schools is a programme that places Ulster University student tutors in a primary, secondary or special school.

The programme is open to all Ulster students who wish to enhance their student experience and strengthen their skillsets.

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The Tutoring in Schools Programme places Ulster University students in targeted primary, secondary or special needs schools. Participation from Regional Colleges is also welcome.
It provides schools with a student to work alongside teachers on any school-based project you propose.

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Benefits of the scheme

The benefits of the Tutoring in Schools programme are widely recognised by all participating parties.
It encourages positive interaction between University student tutors and school pupils where the former can act as positive role models and ambassadors.

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