Where can I view Tutoring in Schools projects?

Projects can be viewed at addl.ulster.ac.uk/tis/projects

When is the closing date for applying for a TiS project?

Applications for TiS projects from interested students are welcome throughout the year. However, there is a deadline of the first Friday in December for applying to complete a TiS project and Access NI forms. Though, there may be discretion for candidates applying after this date.

How will I know if i've been accepted to complete a TiS project?

When you apply for a specific TiS project, once the Tutoring in Schools Coordinators confirm that your background matches the requirements specified in the project outline, you are automatically accepted to complete that project. This will be confirmed by email. If the TiS Coordinators deem you would be best suited for another project they will phone/email you to reccomend another project. All applicants must consent to a Enhanced AccessNI Disclosure check and have this completed before starting a TiS project at a school.

When do TiS projects take place?

Projects usually take place in Semester Two of the Academic year – starting in February and ending in April or May.

How long does a TiS project take to complete?

Students normally complete a placement of 32 hours over 10/12 weeks in a local school, which equates to around 3 hours per week in the school.

Education Minor students taking the module EDU308 complete a placement of 50 hours over 10/12 weeks in a local school - primary, post-primary or special education school.

Can I do additional project hours?

If students wish to do so they can continue their project at the school beyond the 32 hours, in agreement with the project teacher, to gain additional experience. Many students avail of completing additional hours each year.

How do I schedule my TiS project with my University timetable?

Students communicate directly with the project contact teacher to arrange times and days that suit both the school and student to complete the TiS project.

I want to take part in the TiS programme but there are no projects available that suit me?

It is possible for students to propose their own projects, negotiating directly with schools, and each year a significant number of students do so.

Projects can include other support for schools beyond the traditional 'tutoring' role, in the student’s area of study/expertise, for example:

  • Computing students providing help with school websites;
  • Media students providing help with school magazines;
  • Textile students providing help with costumes for school plays.
  • Art students creating murals for school playgrounds.

If there are no projects available in your area you can contact a school with a project idea and ask them to register it on the website.

For further help creating your own project with a school please contact the TiS Coordinators.

I want to take part in the TiS programme and complete a project, but there are no schools available that suit me?

It is possible for students to negotiate a project directly with schools and each year a significant number of students do so. In this instance, we would ask the student to contact the TiS Coordinators to assist in arranging a project at a suitable school.

Can I choose more than one TiS project?

Students are advised to choose only one TiS project per academic year that matches their skill-set.

My question is not answered here, how do I find the answer?

For additional information on any query please contact a TiS Coordinator by e-mail at: tis@ulster.ac.uk or phone 028 90 368686 | 028 90 366656.

About tutoring in schools

Tutoring in Schools is a programme that places Ulster University student tutors in a primary, secondary or special school.

The programme is open to all Ulster students who wish to enhance their student experience and strengthen their skillsets.

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Teachers' site

The Tutoring in Schools Programme places Ulster University students in targeted primary, secondary or special needs schools. Participation from Regional Colleges is also welcome.
It provides schools with a student to work alongside teachers on any school-based project you propose.

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This year’s projects are now available. If required, further details can be obtained from the Tutoring in Schools co-ordinator, please email tis@ulster.ac.uk.
You can also view all projects by clicking the link below.

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Benefits of the scheme

The benefits of the Tutoring in Schools programme are widely recognised by all participating parties.
It encourages positive interaction between University student tutors and school pupils where the former can act as positive role models and ambassadors.

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