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Posted on: 25 Aug 2016 | Views: 2131

First off, this video should give a general overview of the project.

Student Safety in the Engineering Workshop

The engineering workshop is a complete suite of fabrication tools that mechanical engineering students are required to use. For obvious reasons health & safety is huge concern and students have to meet certain criteria before they are granted access to the workshop. Each machine also requires detailed instruction on its general use and best practice for safe operation. The standard approach to health & safety involves giving students a workshop handbook to study and the workshop technician demonstrating each machine individually.

Student Engagement With Digital Media

The goal with Passport To Engineering is to provide digital learning resources and reference material to compliment the practical instruction students receive. Digital media can play a vital role in helping students further engage with the subject area and gain confidence in the way they approach the work.

The approach with Passport To Engineering was to provide a 3 part solution that works on both mobile and desktop platforms.

  • Website : The website serves as a overview for students and an easy way to access all the resources on any device.
  • Videos : Tutorials videos are used as instructional guides for the usage of each machine and also for general safety tips and best practice.
  • App / Interactive : The Passport To Engineering app is designed to reinforce the general safety rules through fun interactive exercises. It also contains an multiple choice assessment to test students knowledge on workshop safety. Students are required to complete the exercises and pass the assessment as part of their induction for the workshop.
Passport To Engineering Roadmap
Passport To Engineering Roadmap

The roadmap graphic (pictured above) demonstrates the path students take to gain access to the workshop. The digital content is used to support the induction and provide students the core concepts and knowledge before entering the workshop environment.

Further Scope

Health & Safety is about developing awareness and responsibility and the concepts are applicable to any workshop environment. Passport To Engineering can be utilised for this purpose within technology subjects in secondary schools and also to raise awareness for prospective students considering study in engineering and technology subject areas.

There is a demand for well produced instructional video for workshop fabrication tools and machinery. The video tutorials are currently available to Ulster students but there is scope to share the material as an open education resource.

Passport To Engineering
Passport To Engineering

Passport To Engineering is available for iOS & Android platforms as an open learning resource.

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