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Degree algorithmn

Posted on: 09 Apr 2018

Message from the PVC Education to all students graduating from Summer 2020 onwards

The University has decided that it will, in the future, change the 'degree algorithm'. The 'degree algorithm' is the calculation used to make your degree award classification.

This will affect those students graduating from summer 2020 onwards.

Currently, the University calculates your award classification based on the marks from your final year only. Instead we intend, from the summer of 2020 forwards, to base your award classification on your final year and your second year. Your final year will still 'count' the most but we are asking you, our students, to choose the weightings between those two years.

The choices of weightings will be from:

  1. 70% Final Year, 30% Second Year
  2. 60% Final Year, 40% Second Year

In order to help you decide, I'll be running a consultation event on each campus prior to there being an opportunity to cast an electronic vote.

The dates of the consultation sessions are:
Belfast: Wednesday April 11th

Coleraine: Monday April 16th

Jordanstown: Tuesday April 17th

Magee: Thursday April 26th

If you are unable to come to any of the sessions, I'll make a 'talking-head' presentation presentation available online prior to the electronic vote being held.

I hope you are able to join me at one of the sessions to hear about the reasons for the change and to help you decide on how you will vote.

Best regards
Professor Paul Bartholomew