Office for Digital Learning

Designing Flipped Learning Workshop

Posted on: 28 Jan 2016

The workshop

The Office for Digital Learning delivers this three-hour activity based workshop. It provides the opportunity to design flipped learning based on your practice, either individually or as a course team and to share ideas with other participants. At the end of the workshop you will have considered a flipped learning design and action plan for a topic or module of your choice.

The workshop uses curriculum design resources, including a student timeline worksheet and active learning prompts, to plan your flipped learning. This encourages reflection and generates ideas for out-of-class and in-class activities and how they link together. This process also considers the interactions, assessment and feedback, and tools and technologies that could be used. The workshop includes practical tips on how to deal with the challenges of implementing flipped learning and demonstrate some of the tools and technologies that can enable it.

In addition to this workshop, there is online out-of-class activities to complete in advance of the workshop. This prepares you for the workshop and provides the opportunity to experience flipped learning from the student perspective.

What is flipped learning?

Flipping the classroom is the reversal of traditional teaching, where students receive learning materials outside class, allowing active and collaborative learning to take place in the classroom, with support from the tutor and peers. This flipped learning model has been shown to have educational benefits for students and tutors (Hamdan et al., 2013).

Resources and further reading