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  • Digital Learning
    Supporting and developing Ulster's learning technologies

Welcome to the Office for Digital Learning

Our strategic imperatives are to modernise and standardise the digital learning environment at the University of Ulster, and to extend digital learning capacity and capability within the University.

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  • Digital Learning Infrastructure

    We maintain, develop and enhance the institutional VLE - Blackboard Learn - and associated learning technologies, infrastructure and business processes. In partnership with academic colleagues, we continually review the digital learning environment at Ulster and make recommendations for enhancements based on sound pedagogic evidence.

  • Instructional Design

    We inspire and support our academic colleagues to enhance the student experience through the use of appropriate tools and technologies. We recognise the unique challenges of providing flexible solutions and offer enhanced support and systems to colleagues delivering blended and fully online courses. We maintain communities of practice, such as the eLearning course directors's forum, for academic staff to share best-practice pedagogic approaches for online delivery.

  • Support and Training

    In addition to providing telephone and online support, we maintain a digital learning knowledge base that both staff and students can access, and we deliver training and seminars to support academic staff to make the best use of technology in their teaching.

  • Creative Media and Web Development

    The Office for Digital Learning collaborates with academic teams to develop award winning, rich-media, interactive learning content. Examples include The Virtual Academy and Physio Learn. We develop and maintain a number of web applications and systems to support teaching and learning, academic administration, community partnerships and schools engagement.