Ulster's Student Learning Experience Principles

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The purpose of the principles is, through the curriculum and delivery of courses, to engage students in high quality learning experiences through learner-centred pedagogies and research-led teaching, which prepare graduates to excel in a diverse and interconnected global society, and to advance the region’s cultural, social and economic development.

Welcome to the Student Learning Experience Principles website. Here you will find information on six principles which underpin the curriculum and delivery of all Ulster courses. These should be useful to you when reviewing courses and/or modules, preparing new programmes or to enhance aspects of the student experience. The Principles bring together the aspirations of a range of existing and developing strategies in a format that is specifically designed to inform curriculum design, delivery and review with an emphasis on how students engage in their learning. Detailed guidance supports the implementation of the Principles with questions to prompt discussion within course teams and identified resources.

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Questions for course teams

  • In which of the principles is the course strong and where could we do more?
  • What should we highlight to students pre-entry and during the induction phase?
  • What does the student learning experience on the course look like against these principles throughout the student journey in the achievement of the graduate qualities? How should students experience this in this discipline in year 1, year 2…?
  • What is the (a) knowledge and understanding and (b) the behaviours that students in the discipline should be able to demonstrate and where are these developed?
  • How do we ensure students are aware that they are developing their skills and are able to articulate their learning in relation to each of the principles?
  • What is the expertise of the course team in developing these and what good practice exists within the University or the discipline that could usefully be used to inform thinking and stimulate course team discussions?

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