Centre for Widening Access and Participation

Widening Access and Participation

The Department is dedicated to maintaining the University's position as a sector leader in widening access to higher education through the implementation of the Widening Participation Strategy and the Access Agreement. To achieve its aims the Department working in partnership with internal and external stakeholders will develop routes to ensure that those who are currently underrepresented or disadvantaged can gain access to higher education. The Department will aim to.

  • Promote aspirations for study at higher education level for underrepresented groups..
  • Develop specific interventionist programs to encourage participation in Higher Education by underrepresented groups.
  • Develop student support structures at University, Faculty and Departmental levels that promotes retention, achievement and progression into employment or further study.
  • Develop academic structures and admission processes that facilitate access to higher education and progression from sub-degree through to degree level programmes.
  • Promote an institutional culture that recognises and rewards participation in widening participation activities.
  • Promote access, progression and employability for disabled students.
  • Contribute to the development of widening access strategies and policies at regional, national and international levels.